Morgan Rock

Director of Parish Finance

Morgan is an authority on financial services and data analysis. She enjoys crunching numbers, analyzing and interpreting key data points for her clients and bringing process to the chaos.

Morgan received her B.A. degree in Finance and a minor in Data Analytics from Drake University. Before starting her career with LSS, her internship experiences with Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company and The Iowa Center of Economic Success helped develop her skills in accounting, financial analytics and taxation. Morgan brought her strengths of responsibility and relator to her sorority as Chapter President and Director of Finance and led the organization to award winning titles.

Morgan brings her unique experiences and perspectives to her clients, as she is passionate about helping others aspire to their full potential. Her analytical skills and sense of discipline push Morgan to work hard and bring excellence to her clients. Morgan prides herself in continual growth both professionally and personally. She is recently attended the Villanova University to receive her Certificate in Church Management, is a mentee through TeamWomen, a member of Business Women’s Circle, and always looking for the next best feature within Microsoft Excel!